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PageScript for Clipper

This is for information purpose only. PageScript for Clipper is no longer offered.

The ultimate Windows printing library for Clipper 5.x

PageScript is a combination of a library that you link with your Clipper 5.x applications and a permanent print spooler that you install under the Windows environment. Clipper applications are then able to communicate and print to virtually any printer, faxes and other Windows printer devices, no matter if it is a network printer, a local printer or a Windows only printer. You don't have to map the physical printer to a DOS printer port. With three different print modes to choose from and an extensive library of functions, procedures and commands, you have everything you need to turn those boring text only reports into stunning presentations that will amaze your customers.

Create new value for your customers

Sure, your programs are great and your customers love them. But if you could offer them added value by provinding them great looking lists and reports using True Type fonts, graphics and colors.

All specifications may change without notice.

Compatible with the latest technology

PageScript 4.2.0 is compatible with Windows 7 32 bit editions and Vista 32 bit editions along with older versions of Windows, such as Windows 2000, NT, Me, 98 se, 98 and 95.

AbeeLabs Systems recommends the use of Windows XP SP3 for PageScript for Clipper enabled applications.

Windows Vista

Made for programmers

You're a programmer, but you don't need to be a Win API expert to use PageScript's features. The learning curve is very low and you can create reports, lists and other documents in less time than ever before.