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PageScript 32

This is for information purpose only. PageScript 32 is no longer offered.

Description of PageScript 32

PageScript 32 is a DLL containing all the functions, procedures and classes you need to print to any Windows device from your favorite 32 bits programming language.

With PageScript 32, you don't need to know all the nuts and bolts of the Windows API to produce attractive documents.

PageScript 32 is shipped with a demo program and function wrappers for each of the following programming languages : [x]Harbour, Delphi and Xbase++.

But you're not limited to these programming languages, you may use PageScript 32 with any 32 bits programming languages, using the documented APIs.

All specifications may change without notice.

Made for programmers

You're a programmer. You don't need to be a Win API expert to use PageScript 32's features. The learning curve is very low and you can create reports, lists and other documents in less time than ever before. Because PageScript 32 is shipped as a DLL, you can use your 32 bits programming language of choice, through the use of PS 32's API calls. And if you're an xHarbour, XBase++ or Delphi programmer, we even created classes and functions wrappers for these programming languages.

Create new value for your customers

Sure, your programs are great and your customers love them. But if you could offer them added value by provinding them with a built-in print preview and the possibility to print to PDF files instead of to a printer... they'll be amazed. That's what PageScript 32 can do for you. No matter if you send a print job to a printer, to the print preview system or to a PDF file, you only have to code your report once. You'll save time and your code will be easier to maintain.

Amaze your customers

PrinterPageScript 32's built-in print preview and direct PDF file support will amaze your customers and future clients. By adding these features to your programs, not only will you make your customers happy but you'll be able to better sell your solutions.

Also found in PageScript 32

Acrobat PDFPageScript 32 offers direct PDF file creation. Two functions are included in order to support this feature : PSSetDevice() and PSSetFileName(). The first function lets you select one of the three supported virtual PageScript 32 devices : Printer, print preview and PDF. The second function lets you give a file name when creating a PDF file. The PDF file can also be encrypted.

Since versiom 1.2, PageScript lets you save the content of the Print Preview pages as EMF files instead of showing the print preview dialog box.

Version 1.3.3 introduced a new unit of measurement that is fully compatible with PageScript for Clipper's APS_TEXT.

What's new in version 3.0.3 ?

  • New : Added new function PSIsPreviewVisible() that returns True if the Print Preview Window is visible. Otherwise, returns False.
  • Fixed : PSGetTextWidth() works now in APS_PIXEL unit.
  • Fixed : Function PSBarcode() and method Barcode() now supports the new lVertical parameter

What's new in version 3.0.2 ?

  • Fixed : User guides - Orientation constants changed to reflect the changes in PageScript's DLL and PSCRIPT.CH.
  • Fixed : ASCII to Unicode characters conversion works now.
  • Fixed : xBase++ and xHarbour constants for page orientation changed in PSCRIPT.CH.
  • Enhanced : Scroll wheel support in Print Preview Window. The document no longer gets out of the viewport when scrolling using the mouse wheel.
  • Enhanced : Up and Down arrow keys now scrolls a page in the Print Preview Window, when the vertical scrollbar is shown.
  • Enhanced : PSSetPWZoomLevel() now accepts values of -1 (Adjust to show full page) and -2 (Adjust to page width) - Only if not in Auto mode.

What's new in version 3.0

  • Complete rewrite of the PDF engine, Print Preview System, Print engine and Barcode engine.
  • PageScript 32 now internally uses Unicode character encoding but still only accepts ANSI strings (8 bit characters).
  • PSBarcode now supports 90 degree rotation (counter clockwise).
  • Added scroll wheel support in print preview window.
  • Ctrl + Scroll wheel now zooms in and out in print preview window.
  • New state added to print preview (PWS_AUTO). The Print Preview Window automatically saves and reuses its state, size, position and zoom level. All these settings are stored in the Registry. See PSSetPWState() for more information.
  • New function to control the colors of the Print Preview Window in order to match your color scheme. See PSSetPWColors() for more information.
  • The Print Preview Window can now be controlled using the mouse and the keyboard (see documentation).

What's fixed in version 3.0 ?

  • File extension for emf files
  • Frame Radius when printing in PDF
  • Ellipse now prints in PDF documents
  • #xcommands for printing bitmaps
  • PSetPWState() with parameter PWS_NORMALCENTERED didn't workWindows printing made easy